Phil Collins – 28 October 2005

Friday, October 28, 2005
Belgrade Arena

Phil Collins, the ex frontman of Genesis, appeared in front of 12,000 fans in Belgrade Arena on October 28.

He was born in London on 30 January 1951; as a composer, singer, drum player and actor, Philip David Charles Collins deeply influenced the world’s music industry.

Besides the fact he composed and played for the two legendary bands, he was also successful in his solo career at the same time, as well as in acting.


Although he is a drum player primarily, he composed some of the most popular songs in modern pop production; it also turned out that he has been an excellent and recognizable vocalist. Taking part in Genesis, he had commercial success, as well as the respect of other musicians, such as: Eric Clapton, Sting, Robert Plant and Quincy Jones, who called him to play with them.

He started a successful career after short cooperation with the band Flaming Youth in 1969, when he auditioned for the band Genesis, which was being considered as an ascending progressive rock band then. The Band accepted him as a drum player in 1970. After some time, Peter Gabriel, the frontman and singer of the Band, left Genesis and Collins took over the position of the lead vocalist. At the same time, he was appearing in a jazz fusion project Brand X as a drum player in the middle of 1970s.

The primary idea of Genesis as an art rock band started moving towards pop/r’n’b sound available to a wider audience.

Simultaneously with the Band’s new album coming out at the beginning of the 1980s, Collins also released the first album Face Value which also included a great hit In the Air Tonight.

During the following 15 years, Genesis and Collins’ solo projects’ hit albums followed each other. However, in 1966 he announced that he was going to leave the band after 26 years. At that time he recognized that he wanted to have a solo career, go on tours and turn his dream into reality: to play in a jazz band. Then he founded The Phil Collins Big Band – very prominent at the time.

Collins worked as an actor and as such, he was a guest actor in the series Miami Vices, starred in the comedy as Buster and took part in the 20th anniversary of Tommy’s rock opera performance of the band The Who. Besides he had a few noticeable roles, he wrote music for films White Nights, Tarzan, Buster, Brother Bear…