Black cat white cat

About the movie

In his six feature film, scripted by Gordan Mihic, Kusturica, one more time, addresses the life of Gypsies. This time the picture is set on the bank of the river Danube where a Gypsy named Matko – a petty criminal – dwells. One day it occurs to him to smuggle the entire train with gas on the Istanbul – Belgrade route, and make a small fortune. However, he needs financial support to carry out this undertaking. That’s way he, along with his son Zare, pays visit on Grga Pitic – the Gypsy Godfather – and old family friend. The Godfather accepts the proposal, but it turns out that Matko is not capable of handling such a task. Namely Dadan, young gangster, a cocaine addict and techno fan, forestalls him. The naive Matko finds himself owing money to Dadan and suddenly he comes up with an advantageous idea: he proposes that his son Zare should marry Dadan’s diminutive sister called Ladybird. However, Zare has a crush on another Gypsy girl – blond Ida. The wedding day comes and everybody is blissful except Zare and Ida. While the guests savor the bliss of the occasion and Dadan dances, the ingenious bride Ladybird takes the advantage of nobody paying attention and flees her own wedding. While on the run she meets Grga, the Big One and they fall in love. Another affair ends happily, too: Zare, finally unengaged, and his girlfriend Ida get on the boat drifting down the river Danube.

BLACK CAT, WHITE CAT is a movie about friendship, love and maturing on the remains of a vanishing society and system of values.

The movie premiered at Venice Film Festival in 1998 on which occasion Emir Kusturica was awarded Silver Lion for best directing.

Director of photography is Therry Arbogast, set designer is Milenko Jeremic, costumes were done by Nebojša Lipanovic, editing was done by Svetolik Mica Zajc and the music for the film was composed by Dr Nele Karajlic.


The Crew

  • Screen play: Gordan Mihić
  • Director of photography: Therry Arbogast
  • Set designer: Milenko Jeremić
  • Costume designer: Nebojša Lipanović
  • Musica: Nele Karajlić, Dejo Sparavalo, Voja Aralica
  • Editor: Svetolik Zaic
  • Executive producer: Maksa Ćatović
  • Producer: Karl Baumgartner

The Cast


Dadan – Srdjan Todorović

He graduated from School of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade. At the beginning of his career he played drums in the popular music band EKV from Belgrade. Later on he devoted all his time to being an actor. At the moment he is one of the most sought after young actors.




Ida – Branka Katić

She graduated from The Academy of Arts in Novi Sad. She made her feature film debut before she started her studies, in the film “Men are a Problem”. Upon graduation she performed on the stages of the theaters in Belgrade, Novi Sad and Subotica, but her wonderful roles in the movies and TV serials are those which brought her an enormous popularity in Yugoslavia.




Matko – Bajram Severdžan

He lives in one of the oldest gypsy colonies in the area of Skopje (Macedonia) called Topana where he works in a tobacco factory. For a while he was a star on local television “BTR national.” He hosted variety shows. He also sang. Recently he and his friends have published the audio-cassette with comic sketches like those seen in once popular “AUDITION” aired from Sarajevo. This is his second movie role. He made his feature film debut in “GYPSY MAGIC” directed by Stole Popov.



Zare – Florijan Ajdani

The son of the international boxing champion. He started acting in elementary school. He is a member of The Gypsy Drama Theater in Pristina (capital of Kosovo). He attends secondary school. This is his first movie role.




Baba Sujka – Ljubica Adžović

She live in Baru. Her first moview role was in 1987in Emira Kusturice movie “Dom za vešanje”. That role bing her a great popularity and together with the crew Ljubica Adžović were on movie festival in Cannes. She also filmed commercial for cigarettes Point.



Matičar – Predrag Pepi Laković, Predrag Miki Manojlović
Grga Veliki – Jasar Destani
Grga Mali – Adnan Bekir
Zarije – Zabit Memedov
Grga Pitić – Sabri Sulejman
Carinik – Stojan Sotirov
Artistkinja – Zdena Hutrečakova
Bubamara – Salija Ibraimova
Telohranitelj 1 – Irfan Jagli
Telohranitelj 2 – Asim Džemaili
Disko igrač – Rifat Sulejman