Foxy Ladies

About the Series:

Foxy Ladies is a story of four girlfriends: Mima, Branka, Staša and Nađa who have been trying to find the princes of their lives, but without a success. At the end of the second decade of their lives, they conclude that the following year is the last one for finding love and getting married. Foxy Ladies is a story about chasing luck, the story about escaping from a settled way of adults’ life, the story about new sensitivity. Every day the girls gather in the Fox café owned by Mima.


Mima (Hana Jovčić) (Hana Jovčić) lives alone. In a large, modern and well-equipped apartment, with a cat, parrot and, in addition, some other animals. She is the owner of the café where few drop by, except the girls being ‘on duty’. She pretends to be tough hiding mystique and femininity. The men with who she spends a night usually disappoint her in the very first morning. She is in love with Damir, her long-standing friend and the owner of the neighboring café, which is always full. She usually deals with Damir’s careless replies by a hook or hitting him in the groin by her knee. Filip, the writer who was once in love with her, adds a further complication to Mima’s life, although he started living with a Sanja, which will not prevent him from falling in love with Mima again. Besides him, her parents are also there to remind her of the fact that she should get married, the brother who is to get divorced and the cat which a neighbor’s cat got pregnant.

Branka (Nataša Marković) She lives with her Grandma. In a large, modern and well-equipped apartment. She has a dog which is a gift for “curing loneliness”. Her parents who live a long distance away earn for her living. She behaves like an urbane girl who is able to say whatever she wants. She has a lasting relationship with her boyfriend Andrej who she has cheated on for a few times. As soon as he cheats on her, everything will fall to pieces – Mum’s son Andrej decides to go to Paris, running after the girl with who he cheated on Branka. A gentle friendship with a waiter in Mima’s café will be successfully spoiled by her sentence “Let’s kiss now a little bit”, or even more fatal “I can’t be alone”. She changes the career of a waitress for the career of a weather anchor and then, through force of circumstance, she becomes a rock program speaker.

Nada (Radmila Tomović). It is not actually known either who she lives with, nor where, but she is the only one whose career is in the ascendancy: from a secretary, she becomes a kind of a director’s assistant. She graduated. She behaves boldly, sometimes revealing her being demure. As the child of a single mother, she has always fallen out with men. Although she always wears provocative clothes, she has succeeded in staying a virgin –willingly – “keeping herself for marriage”. Since she finally loses her virginity with the man of her life, the romantic phase follows.

Staša (Jelena Stpljanin) She lives with her mother in a large, modern and well-equipped apartment. She is on a good way to become an eternal student. She always blinks, smiles and hams it up. With he is attracted only to married men – with no reason – which she usually finds out when it is too late to move one step back. Both married and unmarried can have her with a sentence and half, which is most often based on the statements such as: “How beautiful you are!” or “How understood you are!”. She reads books about modern psychology and she usually reveals her problems to taxi drivers. She even went to bed with one of them, because he told her that she was happy and that he would gladly marry her.


  • Scriptwriter: Ana Rodić
  • Director: Gorčin Stojanović
  • Composer: Aleksandra Kovač i Roman Goršek


  • Mima – Hana Jovčić
  • Staša – Jelena Stupljanin
  • Nada – Radmila Tomović
  • Branka – Nataša Marković
  • Damir – Gordan Kičić
  • Žika – Srđan Timarov
  • Stiv – Dragan Jovanović
  • Žaklina – Danica Maksimović
  • Ratko – Predrag Ejdus
  • Nada’s Boss – Dragan Petrović
  • Branka’s Grandmother – Renata Ulmanski
  • Sanja – Jelena Ćuruvija
  • Srđan – Nebojša Ilić
  • Dunja – Tanja Bošković
  • Andrej – Boris Milivojević
  • Filip – Igor Filipović
  • Stefanija – Bojana Maljević
  • Doctor Popović – Irfan Mensur
  • Srđan’s Wife – Sonja Damjanović
  • Secretary – Nina Grahovac
  • Anja – Dubravka Kovjanić
  • Žika’s Mother – Svjetlana Knežević
  • Gynecologist – Frano Lašić
  • Movie Director – Milorad Milinković
  • Zlatanka – Vesna Pastorović
  • Dentist- Igor Pervić
  • Staša’s Mother – Ljiljana Dragutinović
  • Taxi Driver and Pianist – Nenad Pećinar
  • Mima’s Mother – Sonja Jauković
  • Mima’s Father – Boris Komnenić
  • Little Girl – Tijana Čurović
  • Mima’s First Love – Boris Pingović
  • Kleptomaniac- Mira Banjac
  • Taxi Driver- Goran Daničić
  • Maja – Ana Maljević
  • TV Director – Igor Miklja
  • Taxi Driver – Bojan Žirović

TV series, 2002.
Genre: Comedy| Drama | Romance
Director: Gorčin Stojanović

Foxy Ladies is a story about chasing luck, the story about escaping from a settled way of adults’ life, the story about new sensitivity.