The Red Colored Grey Truck


Belgrade, June 1991, last day of peace in Yugoslavia.
Gavran, (29) can’t get a driving licence, because he is totaly color blind. And he is a rural Bosnian introvert obsessed with driving trucks, so he steals a truck for a joyride.

Susanna (21) a city girl, ‘regge’ vocal, discovers she is pregnant but until her term for abortion – decides to go to Dubrovnik.

She hitchikes, he hits her. She is unhurt but under her threat he must accept her in the truck and agree to take her to Dubrovnik. The ethnic war will soon burst – and color-blind ‘idiot’ and angry city- girl, do not recognize the difference between opposed groups. It’s his color-blindness that saves them when they confront road blocks.

Gavran falls in love for the first time in his life and wants to take her to Italy. She wants home.
She finaly realizes she loves the ‘moron’ as they aproach the Italian border, but it’s too late – during her dilemma in the toilet whether to escape with him to Italy, Army tank shoots the truck with Gavran waiting for her. Big explosion. She sees just flames…

But love is a miracle! Four years later, Gavran comes to their dream place in Italy, where Susanna sings in a cafe. Her son is black (as the regge drummer) but Gavran doesn’t mind – colors mean nothing to him.


The Crew

  • Director: Srđan Koljević
  • Producer: Komuna, Thoke Moeblus film company, Ministarstvo kulture Republike Srbije, E Mation Film
  • Screenplay: Srđan Koljević
  • Music: Miško Plavi

The Cast

  • Ratko – Srđan Todorović
  • Suzana – Aleksandra Balmazović               
  • Švabo – Dragan Bjelogrlić             
  • Pop – Bogdan Diklić         
  • Grbavi – Boris Milivojević             
  • Sredoje – Milutin Karadžić           
  • Starac – Toma Kuruzović               
  • Šef paravojske – Milorad Mandić              
  • Doktor – Saša Latinović  
  • Prodavac – Branislav Lalević        
  • Rambo – Uroš Đurić