Serija 'Neki novi klinci'

The series takes place in a fictitious Vračar’s school. The main characters are students from the VIII3 class and their teachers. They all together get into different and funny situations. Many stars made guest appearances on this series: Peti Element (i.e. Fifth Element), Nataša Bekvalac and Kristina Kovač, a musician. The first season had 14 episodes. As New Year Special, one more episode was added on for New Year’s Eve. The continuation was planned, but the work on it was stopped, because of the death of Spomenka Kovač.


Roki, Sofija and Mina are the best friends. They are popular girls in school and others are not 'cool' enough for them. At the beginning of the series, they are single, but as time passes, they start having relationships. Roki with Packo, Soka with Kečina and Mina with Njutn.

Marlena and Mira are friends, but not best ones. They are the best students in class. They are both cheerleaders. During the series, Marlena becomes Bora's girlfriend, and Mira – Fića's, at the very end.

Packe and Kečina are considered to be popular guys. They don't care about studying. They run after the best girls only, but Roki and Sofija succeed in ‘taming’ them and they become absolutely faithful to them.

Bora, Fića and Džoni are best friends. Bora immigrated from Amerika, and there he saw J.Lo. Fića and Džoni court all girls in the same way: 'What are you doing these days?', moving his hand in a recognizable way.

Njutn and Bojanče are best friends and a totally unimaginable combination. Njutn is the best student in class, while Bojanče is scandalously stupid. Once when Bojanče asked: „What is Auschwitz?“, Njutn told him indifferently „A ski center in Poland, Bojanče!“. „Aha“, said Bojanče.

Auschwitz is a math and physics teacher. He is a new VIII3 class teacher. Since there is no teacher who loves VIII3, Auschwitz decides to put it in order. They don't like him in the beginning, so they give him the nickname „Auschwitz“, but then they start loving him and think of him as the best class teacher in the world. He is in love with Dada, a secretary, who becomes his girlfriend in the end.

Travolta is a music teacher, an eternal fan of Elvis Prisley. He is in love with Edit, a French teacher, and he refuses to accept the fact that she is in a relationship with Rista (Earth-worm, as students usually call him), a P.E. teacher.

Zagorka, or Zaga, is the school’s principal. Her hobby is gossiping with Grozda, her assistant, who likes gossiping immensely.


  • Author: Spоmenka Kovač
  • Scriptwriter: Spоmenka Kovač
  • Director: Mladen Matičević
  • Composer: Kristina Kovač
  • Executive Producer: Maksa Ćatović
  • Editor: Mihailo Vukobratović
  • Film Editor: Snežana Ivanović


  • Marlena - Ana Mandić
  • Roki - Anja Kovač
  • Sofija - Marija Ivković
  • Mina - Nada Bogdanov
  • Packe - Stefan Buzurović
  • Kečina - Igor Bećirić
  • Njutn - Milan Jovićević
  • Bojanče - Jovan Damjanović
  • Bora - Đorđe Mandić
  • Fića - Milan Trajković
  • Džoni - Nemanja Milić
  • Aušvic - Aleksandar Srećković
  • Dada - Tatjana Bokan
  • Grozda - Branka Petrić
  • Bramaputra - Danijela Kuzmanović
  • Kleopatra - Dijana Marojević
  • Edit - Ljubinka Klarić
  • Rista - Nenad Jezdić
  • Marina - Branka Pujić
  • Aunt Rosa - Vojka Ćordić-Čavajda
  • Sloba - Andrej Šepetovski
  • Vocative- Neda Arnerić
  • Zaga - Minja Filipović