Corto Maltese

The Celts

(140 pages, black-white)

  • An Angel from the Eastern Window
  • Under The Money Flag
  • Concerto in A Moll for a Harph and Nitroglycerin
  • A Dream of the Winter Morning
  • Wineyards of the Night and the Picardy Roses
  • A Burlesque Inbetween Zuidkot and Bre-Din

"You yourself dream with your eyes open, so that you could follow this cold blooded sailor. Having gotten over history, you will walk into the tale-telling of extraordinary poetic strength whose roots go deep into the collective consciousness of the people."

The Ethiopians

(102 pages, black-white)

  • In the Name of Alah All Mercy
  • Coup De Grace
  • Of Other Romeos and Juliettes
  • Leopard Men from Rufiji


"My day has come to an end: I am leaving Europe. Sea breeze will compress my lungs, I will be tanned by lost climates. To swim, to walk over grass, to hunt, most of all - to smoke, to drink spirits - as those dear ancestors gathered around the fire did. I will come back with steal arms and legs, my skin tanned, my eye crazed: my face will tell that I am a hard man. I will have gold: I will be bored and ruthless."

Corto Always a Step Ahead

(118 pages, black-white)

  • Mushroom Heads
  • Konga Banana
  • Voodoo for Mr President
  • The Lagoon of Beautiful Dreams
  • Grandmothers and Grandfathers

"...El Dorado...maybe it is a story painted on the human skin, skin of the Franciscan monk that was torn off by Hivaro Indians and that was hidden on a Franciscan island. St. Franco of the desert. I don't know, Levi... It is a beautiful story, and today is a beautiful day..."



Corto Maltese in Syberia

(126 pages, black-white)

  • The Red Lantern
  • Changro's Prisoner
  • The Romantic Princess
  • The Wild Division
  • Ungern of Mongolia
  • The End of the Red Dragon

"...People say he responds to everyone who comes to his grave to call him. On a beautiful day in autumn, when the wood where he rests becomes red and golden, I visited his grave. I called him. He did not reply."


Under the Jolly Roger

(96 pages, color)

  • The Brasilian Eagle
  • ....and again we shall talk about the gentlemen of fortune

  • Because of one seagul

"Say the word 'treasure' and people immediately think of pirates, deserted island, old maps that have crosses on them to indicate where the treasure is hidden. The romantic myth of "SHARKS" told by Defoe, Scott and Stevenson belongs to our culture, it is very much alive and, to my great amazement, of all stories and legends about the hidden treasures, these that talk about the pirates' gold are closest to reality."


Carribean Suite

(86 pages, color)

  • The Secret of Tristan Bantam
  • The Meeting in Bailia
  • Samba With Shooting


The Ballad of the Salty Sea

It has been twenty years since I started drawing the BALLAD OF THE SALTY SEA, but it has been even longer since I started working on Henry de Viro Stekpula, the not so well known writer, brought back to life in the 'romantic' Sponsoni - an Italian collection of popular fiction. He never made anything in his own free will apart from having written one marvelous short novel - THE BLUE LAGOON.

It is the story about two children who do not know that they have to die and about an old sailor drunk who only knows this too well. It is this writer, and not Robert Louis Stevenson, Conrad or Melville, who made me fall in love with the southern seas. I dedicate this ballad to him, the ballad that introduces the sailor Corto Maltese.