Branimir Johnny Stulic: „The divine Iliad via Homer“

The nature of Johnny’s poetic work, promoted and confirmed in one of the most interesting opuses of 2nd Yugoslavia, discovers new challenges returning to a distant past, to the very threshold of European literature – Homer’s ILLIAD. The first and most authentic testimony of the war, tyranny, quarrels, plants of all kinds, suffering, fire, death and the fate of the Balkans found the opportunity for a new interpretation in the loneliness of Holland.
Angers and spites, „immortal and horrible“, images of atrocities and animalities that we witnessed, made Johnny and his poetic talent engage with the cruelty of Homer’s images that philosophers have for centuries called ‘natural realism’.

Stulic as Stulic here, too, finds a reason for escape from all norms. However, he totally respects the narrative structure, the flow of events under Troy and on Olympus because his inclination towards the epic-narrative form simply found itself on its own ground.