Apocalyptica – 3 June 2006

Saturday, June 3, 2006

A Finnish “neo-classical” metal band Apocalyptica performed a concert in full up SCC.


In 1996 a Finnish trio of the prestigious Sibelius Academy graduates appeared with the album Metallica on four cellos in which he connected inconsistent elements – fierce riffs of metal hymns and refined sound of classical violoncello in a way not yet seen.

5 more albums followed in which Prokofiev and Pantera, Shostakovich and Slayer were joined.

The Band has experienced the greatest commercial success by the song Bittersweet where Him’s singer Vile Valo and Lauri Jlonen from Rasmus appeared as guest vocalists.


Apocalyptica opened Exit Festival in Novi Sad with a fantastic appearance on Voda Voda main stage last year and an almost year later they are going to introduce themselves to the Belgrade’s audience at the Tašmajdan stadium on June 3.