Brana Crncevic: “Black Devil Red Tail”

Brana Crncevic (1933) has shown his ability in almost all literary genres. poet and narrator, playwright, writer for children and easily recognisable Serbian satirist, he published several short stories books, poem books and satirical notes. The most famous books: “The Diary of a…”, “Write as you are Silent”, “Dreams without Interpretation”, “Siberias”, “The Bearfoot and the Sky”, “The Fifth Side of the World”, “Serbian business” and “Manager”.

“Black Devil Red Tail”, the book which is before the readers, shows the experience of Crncevic in Serbian “business”, which he has dealt with in all literary genres. Serbia and Serbians are the main heroes of this book and its basic motive. The book is a sum of Crncevic’s titles published in the newspapers “Telegraph” and “Weekly Telegraph”.