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One of the leading production companies in Yugoslavia, known for its film and TV productions, started as a record company in 1984. It was founded with the idea to promote the leading Yugoslav composer at the time, Kornelije Kovac an his creative team, as well as to help them in gaining more artistic freedom.

At the very beginning KOMUNA realised many successful projects that had a great influenge on the Yugoslav music scene.

At the beginning of the ninties, KOMUNA became one of the leading record companies (Zdravko Čolić, Vesna Zmijanac and others). During the same period, KOMUNA also takes a leading role in video production in the market of former Yugoslavia, achieving record results that were hard to beat for a long time.

KOMUNA produced music for numerous films (Goran Bregović and Kornelije Kovač) including the films of Emir Kusturica “Time of the Gypsies“, “Arizona Dream” and “Underground“. This is how the cooperation with companies such as POLYGRAM in France and POLYDOR in Greece began.

The most important activity during the last years in KOMUNA is film and TV production. KOMUNA was the co-producer of “Underground“, a film by Emir Kusturica, the Cannes winner in 1995. KOMUNA also produced films such as “Spasitelj” by Predrag Antonijević, “Lajanje na zvezde” by Zdravko Sotra, “Black cat, white cat” by Emir Kusturica, “The secret of the family trasure” by Aleksandar Djordjević, as well as a short film by Milos Radovic “My Homeland” that won awards at 35 international festivals. In realization of these films KOMUNA co-operated with production companies from the United States (“Saviour“), as well as companies from Germany and France (“Black Cat, White Cat“).

Having produced many feature TV serials, music and documentary TV programs, KOMUNA is today, without a doubt, the leading producer of TV programs in Yugoslavia. “Once upon a time there was a country” by Emir Kusturica, “Svaštara of Duško Radović” by Miloš Radović and “Family treasure” by Siniša Pavić are best proofs of this.

A special place in the activities of KOMUNA belongs to book publishing (edition “Masters of art“, the works of Brana Crnčević, Momo Kapor and others) as well as publishing of the cult commic of Hugo Prat “Korto Malteze“.


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