Paco De Lucia – 28 September 2007

Friday, September 28, 2007
Sava Center

Paco de Lucia, the world’s best flamenco guitarist, appeared once again on the stage of full up Sava Center and left no one indifferent.

The same staging, similar set design and the very same phenomenal guitarist, who elevated his instrument to the dizzy heights unattainable to the world’s best musicians.

Enormously precise and totally indulged in the tones he was producing, he became “elusive”! He overcame the music, because what he created might be preferably ranked as magic…

Thus, there was no need to assess him and follow each move of his; all you could do was to relax and enjoy… You came to the place where neither set design and lights, nor where you sat or if you had any problem in the outside world were important… only someone’s ten fingers mattered.

He started on his own and after the very first composition, he was awarded by a rapturous applause. Then, the percussionist, vocals and other members of the sextet a little later on -appeared.

Paco was guiding us from one composition to the other speechless; he smiled his thanks nodding slightly.

After a fifteen-minute break, they all appeared on stage. The additional guitar, flutes and keyboards, bass, percussionists and vocals. You could hear how precise and perfectly matched they were and that they committed themselves body and soul to playing, but finally what mattered most to you was to feel that each of them had all the passion and feeling of flamenco.

It is both a great pleasure and honor listening to such an amazing virtuoso. When you have an opportunity to listen to him for the second or third time, you will not definitely miss it, because you are prepared for what has been waiting for you. That was why Sava Center was full up. That was also the reason why only few of them disapproved of the concert being late. According to the unofficial information, Paco’s plane landed one hour before the concert was to begin. But, since he has been given enough “credit” by our audience, neither two cancelled concerts this year, nor this being late, were the reason for waiting for this concert calmly.

Emotion has refined his talent and made the name of Paco de Lucia be thoughtlessly pronounced with due respect. Every musician should possibly bear that in mind when taking his instrument into hands…