Rosenberg Trio – 15 August 2008.

Friday, 15 August, 2008.
Open Cinema, Novi Sad

The Novi Sad’s audience has had an opportunity to feel the magic live with probably the most famous world’s jazz orchestra, formed as Rosenberg trio, a Dutch band.

Rosenberg trio promo

A local concert stage was given more serious consideration by this event, having ranked Novi Sad, as befitted, with great musical capitals.

Rosenberg Trio is composed of two brothers: Nonnie and Nous’che, joined by Stochelo, both a niece and an official heir to Jean “Django” Reinhardt, a jazz legend.

Karmen, a Django’s sister, almost cried listening to her brother’s composition at one time. Rosenberg Trio has performed all over the world cooperating with famous musicians, such as: Stephane Grappelli, Jan Akkerman, Shirley Bassey and others; however, they will never forget the meeting with Luciano Pavarotti, a famous tenor.