Variety Book of Dusko Radovic

TV series, Thirteen 30-minute-long episodess

“One of the wishes of Dusko Radovic that never came true was to see everything that he had written in one binding. That would be a bulky variety book, something like an encyclopedia, a Cook book or Pelagic’s “Folk Teacher”.

Everything he had written would be collected and placed in order one after another, no matter how big that book would be. He would pair up odd and even: stories and comercials, poems and

announcements, plays and songs, afforisms and interviews. He mentioned the type of the syllabus, illustations, even that some sentence or statement could find its place on the margin. The only thing that mattered was for it all to be in one place, so that the book could be read from wherever you open it, without order and from time to time, according to the mood.”

Matija Bećković
From the foreword of “Woman talk”, 1990.

  • Screenplay: Miloš Radović
  • Director: Miloš Radović
  • Producer: Maksa Ćatović
  • Music: Kornelije Kovač
  • Actors: Milena Dravić and Dragan Nikolić